Want to boost your product development productivity 4X?  Want to consistently satisfy your customers on-time and on-budget?  Our new book will teach you how...

Watch this video about our new book Success is Assured.  The book teaches how to consistently satisfy your customers on-time and on-budget by optimizing decisions collaboratively using reusable visual models.  It gives your management team a compass for guiding their initiatives and decision-making; it gives your engineers the tools and skills needed to accelerate their learning and problem-solving and optimize their decision-making; and it provides real-world examples, including one of significant complexity (collaboration between the Navy, an aircraft company, a jet engine company, and an infrared detector company on the mission design of an unmanned aircraft) along with a detailed case study of Pratt & Whitney.

For more information, check out the book’s page on the Productivity Press website or its page on Amazon.

For information on software designed to support the methodologies taught by the book, and for taking your organization to the next level of performance, click here.

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